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Custom home remodeling in Naples and the surrounding SW Florida area.

Thank you for visiting the Huffman’s Construction Group website! We are continuously working on our website improvement and the accessibility of our content in order to serve our patients better. Providing some simple troubleshooting issues you may encounter. If you have trouble viewing our website, we recommend reviewing the following resources listed below to help optimize your computer and browsing to improve your online experience at the Huffman’s Construction Group website:

• Use your computer to read web pages out loud
• Use the keyboard to navigate screens
• Magnify your screen
• Change background and text colors
• Make your mouse pointer more visible (Windows only)

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning (CC) provides a visual display of text that is synchronized with the video presentation and audio tracks. The term “Closed” indicates that the captions are not visible unless they are activated by the user.

Increase Text Size

To increase text size in most web browsers simply hold down the Ctrl key (Command key on a Macintosh)and press the + (plus) key to increase text size or – (minus) key to reduce text size.

Additional Information

If you do encounter an accessibility issue and the recommendations above do not help your individual needs, please get in touch with our office at (239) 920-4806 for assistance. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and update any website improvements as necessary.

We welcome feedback on our website improvement and accessibility. It is our goal to develop a user-friendly website for all!